Structural changes coming at Roma after embarrassing team list error

John Solano

RomaPress – The fallout is being felt internally at Roma from yesterday’s 0-3 loss handed down by the sporting judge after the club submitted an incorrect team list to the Lega.

General secretary Pantaleo Longo has already submitted his resignation to the club following the mistake and there are expected to be further changes within the structure of the club in the coming days and weeks.

A source from The Friedkin Group, who chose to remain anonymous, spoke exclusively to RomaPress and painted a picture of what is going on behind the scenes at Roma following the embarrassing mistake, which led to the Giallorossi ultimately losing a point despite having earned a 0-0 draw in Veneto.

“The biggest problem with the team list mistake isn’t the error itself, but the lack of internal processes that led to the error,” he said.

“There was no fail-safe or review process, how is that even possible? It highlights a failed internal process, which is something we will fix”.

“We needed time to assess the situation (since arriving), but structural changes are coming, this will only serve to expedite the process”.

Dan and Ryan Friedkin are expected to make to significant changes to the internal structure of the club over the coming months. Roma executive Mauro Baldissoni will be leaving the club while current CEO Guido Fienga could also potentially depart.

Furthermore, Ryan will be overseeing the day-to-day operations but the club wants to put in place a figure who can be viewed as his “right hand man” and someone with “familiarity not only with Italy and Serie A, but the European sporting landscape”.

The favorite for this position remains CONI president Giovanni Malagò — whom Friedkin has already spoken with a few times.

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