Dzeko: “Roma has grown in the last four years and keeps getting bigger and bigger”.

John Solano

Roma attacker Edin Dzeko gave an extensive interview to The Athletic and discussed a variety of topics. Here’s what the Bosnian had to say:

On the team in place when he joined in 2015.
So many good players. Every year, you sell another player, you lose continuity in the team. Then, the new players; they always need a little bit more time to get used to the league, the club even. But I have to say the club has grown so much in the last four years and it’s getting bigger and bigger every year.

On being the new captain and wearing the armband at Roma.
Everything has to change sometimes. That’s life. I didn’t steal it (the captain’s armband) or something. It just comes naturally. I’m the only player left from five years ago. It’s a privilege for me to come after all these guys; Totti and De Rossi, who are the biggest legends not just in Rome but also in Italy. It’s a bigger responsibility. I was 30 when I got here. Next month, I’m 34. I feel ready.

You were whistled by the fans during the final match of last season because they were sure you were joining Inter.
That’s football. You have got to get used to it. I understand that sometimes, you score a goal and everybody loves you. Then you don’t score for three or four games and almost everybody hates you. I’d say it’s a natural thing. Maybe it’s difficult for some of the players, especially the younger ones. It’s a bigger pressure. For example, I’m 100 per cent sure it’s not the same if they whistle me and if they whistle one of the younger players, like Kluivert. It’s much harder for them. I call them my babies because I’m, like, 14 years older than them.

You’re going to be 34: you’ve won something at every club you’ve played in except Roma.
It’s such a shame for a club like this not to have won anything in the last years. Hopefully, this can change because this club, first of all, deserves to win trophies. There’s everything you want, everything you could wish for in this club. We just need this last step: to win some trophies. Every trophy gives you more confidence and more belief that you can reach even higher, higher things.

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