Edoardo Bove discusses debut goal vs Verona, life with Mourinho & more

Roma midfielder Edoardo Bove
Andy Mattioli

Young Roma midfielder and former Primavera player Edoardo Bove was one of the few bright spots over the last few weeks, scoring his first senior goal against Hellas Verona to rescue Roma form a potential loss.

The 19-year-old gave an extensive interview to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Sport where he spoke about his first experiences as a first team player and working under the watchful eye of Jose Mourinho.

“When I scored that goal against Hellas-Verona,” started Bove, “The first thought was to return to the midfield to try and score another goal as soon as possible.”

“Instinctively I felt like running towards the midfield, quickly resuming the game and scoring another goal. No first-time thoughts, hardly any emotions. There and then, of course.”

“The only thing I did was look towards the stands where my parents were. I looked for them, but I couldn’t see them. But I think they saw me.”

“I didn’t feel like celebrating much after the game ended. I preferred to focus on my family. I spent that evening with my parents and the day after too. It was, I think, a moment that needed to be shared among us given how much we sacrificed over the years.”

“When you’re eight, nine or ten years old, your parents live for your passion, they organize themselves according to it. They take you to Trigoria, they wait outside, whether it’s hot or freezing, without being able to see what you’re doing behind closed doors.”

“Then, after two hours of waiting, they pick you up the same way they brought you there in the first place. For years and years.”

“So,” says Bove. “You can imagine that after my first senior goal, I owed them that moment. Because all parents of youth players have to believe in their sons, even though they cannot know whether they will succeed. It’s a kind of love that knows no boundaries.”

With regards to Mourinho, Bove spoke at length about their special yet understated relationship. “He didn’t say anything in particular after I scored against Verona. It may seem odd, but for me it’s a beautiful thing because it means that to him that moment wasn’t out of the ordinary. There wasn’t any reason to tell me I’d done a good job.”

“During training he often calls us kids as a bit of a joke, but then he really treats us the same way he treats other veterans, and just as much in the bad moments as he does during the good ones.”

“For example, Pellegrini, as the captain, will play a great game and have a brilliant performance. Even if he scores, that will be considered a normal game for his standards. The same applies to me or Zalewski.”

“Of course, the hard part comes after the special moment. Because you need to show that it wasn’t just a one-time affair.”

When asked about his debut, which took place in heavy loss for Roma to Inter (0-3), “Mourinho took me aside after the game and told me fair and square ‘I know it was a difficult situation, but I didn’t like the way you came on.’ He’s like that – very direct and doesn’t mince words.”

“He tells you things to your face and lets you know what he wants from you. He makes it clear whether you belong with the rest, whether you need to go and look for another team, whether you’re doing well or whether you should improve certain things. We appreciate him because of it.”

About his teammates, Bove said, “Pellegrini gives me plenty of advice, because he knows what it feels like to grow up here and we also play in the same position.”

“But also Cristante and Mancini do their utmost. The three of them are real leaders.”

“Personally I am not inspired by anyone in particular, I try to steal with my eyes and take something from everyone to become the best possible version of myself.”

“The coach tells us the exact same things he says at press conferences. He first communicates them to us, out of respect. And then he goes in front of the cameras. And the goal this year is to win one game at a time, without setting any goals beyond that.”

“Of course, playing in the Champions League with Roma for a kid that grew up in Trigoria would mean everything. But what else is new?”

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