Edoardo Bove: “Paulo Dybala is a genius.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma midfielder Edoardo Bove discussed Paulo Dybala’s brilliance in a recent interview with Sky Sport.

Bove recently was asked about what it takes to be a sportsman. The young midfielder featured in a program involving tennis player Flavio Cobolli and driver Fabio Di Giannantonio.

“When you do this job the moments you learn the most are the negative ones. I’m not saying it’s a challenge with yourself, but in my negative moment I want to be able to emerge on my own: I will find the strength within myself somehow.”

“Dybala? He’s a genius. He’s got a brilliance all on his own,” Bove said of his teammate.

“Playing together with him helps you a lot because you know that when he has the ball I won’t tell you that it’s in the bank, but he has a relationship with the ball that I’ve never seen until now.”

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