El Shaarawy: “We need to give maximum concentration.”

John Solano

Stephan El Shaarawy to Roma TV before Roma-Bologna;

Will this be a match similar to last Wednesday’s?
The Mister asked us to have the same attitude because it will not be easy, they have good individuals and they play well. We all will need to give maximum attention and concentration for 90 minutes.

The changes?
I think it’s an important thing for everyone, the Mister keeps all players on alert so everyone is ready to help. It is important to rotate but it is crucial that everyone gives their best, we must also do this tonight in order to bring the 3 points home.

How are you staying close to Karsdorp?
By trying to give him all the strength possible, he was incredibly unlucky after his debut. It hurts but we are all close to him, he has worked with determination and will definitely do so again. Hopefully he can return as soon as possible, we need him and we send him our best wishes.

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