Empoli president Fabrizio Corsi calls Roma match “impossible on paper.”

Andy Mattioli

Empoli president Fabrizio Corsi shared his thoughts on tomorrow’s Serie A fixture at the Stadio Olimpico as Roma look to bounce back from their humiliating defeat in Coppa Italia with Cremonese.

“Coming to play in Rome is an event for us and I know it will be an incredible experience for the kids too, especially the younger players,” he said in an interview with Radio Romanista.

“Among other things we get to play in an incredible stadium, which is always full and that makes the difference. Roma are a great team and the hope is always to get a result. Obviously for us it’s better to find a Roma that is not at its best. What I can say is that our objective is to give a good performance.”

“The important thing is to have the right conviction: matches are not played only on Sundays or Saturdays, but during the week, taking care of every detail. On paper, it’s an impossible game for us: I remember coming away with points only a handful of times from the Olimpico.”

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19 May 20:45