Europa League: What are AS Roma’s Chances?

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There is no doubt AS Roma faces stiff competition in the Europa League. After all, the club is up against Liverpool FC and Bayern Leverkusen who entered the competition after missing out on a place in the Champions League. However, AS Roma has proved it is putting up a fight, which the team has proved many times this year. So, what are AS Roma’s chances in the Europa League? Continue reading to find out.

The Favourites to Win the Europa League

Roma still has a chance of winning the Europa League, but the odds are against them. You only need to browse various bookmakers to realise that Roma isn’t a favourite to win, as many bookmakers have tipped Liverpool FC and Bayern Leverkusen to lift the trophy. It might prove difficult for Roma to go up against Liverpool FC’s revamped midfield, which has resulted in the club currently sitting at the top of the Premier League.

It’s fair to say Liverpool is the strongest side in the competition, thanks to a close-to-perfect group stage. Roma might find it hard to beat a club that hasn’t entered a knockout round and has played less than two games less than many teams remaining. Also, LFC has a point to prove, as the team missed out on a chance of playing in this year’s Champions League.

If you were a betting person, you’d be wise to place your money on LFC to lift the trophy. It’s fair to say that many sites offer attractive deals and odds on many competitions, including the Europa League. Nowadays, it is possible to bet from anywhere in the world. Whether you are in Europe, Canada, or any Asian country, you can easily find many betting sites operating in the region. In Canada, things are different in each province. For example, bookmakers in Ontario may not operate in other provinces. That’s why it is advised to review the legal situation of betting in the region before you place any bet. 

LFC aren’t a sure thing, though. Bayern Leverkusen is flying high in the competition under Xabi Alonso’s management. The club is currently at the top of the Bundesliga, as it hasn’t experienced a defeat in more than 30 games. Like Liverpool, the team has managed to escape a knockout round, allowing its players to relax and recover, ensuring they’re fighting fit throughout the competition. Bayern Leverkusen are unmatched when it comes to form, too, which could easily earn them a place in the final.

Don’t rule out AC Milan in the Europa League, as they continue to prove they mean business. For instance, Loftus-Cheek scored twice against Rennes on 15th February, making him the first midfielder to score two goals in a knockout phase of a major European league since 2007. Bear in mind that AC Milan is the only Champions League faller inside the top five, meaning its players will be eager to secure their fans a trophy this year.

Brighton could prove stiff competition for Roma, as the team has managed to avoid a knockout round game, helping them swiftly enter round 16 of the competition. As it is their first time in the Europa League, Brighton’s inexperience could be its downfall. Also, the squad lacks the talent and form of LFC and Bayern Leverkusen, which could lose them a place in the sought-after final.

Roma is Putting Up a Fight

There is no question that AS Roma is putting up a fight, which they proved during their clash with Feyenood on Valentine’s Day. The team were facing a 1-0 defeat at Rotterdam but came back fighting in the 67th minute thanks to a goal from Romelu Lukaku, securing a much-needed draw in the knockout round play-off first leg. It not only helped AS Roma escape Rotterdam but granted a home team advantage at the second leg of the UEFA Europa League play-off against Feyenoord in Rome in late February.

The biggest hurdle Roma may need to overcome is a loss of confidence, as the team has recently endured a 4-2 defeat against Inter Milan. However, De Rossi is proving to be a guiding light in the competition, as the head coach is seemingly a smart choice after recently saying goodbye to Mourinho. The new leader has firm control of the squad, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if they experience a victory at home, placing the team a step closer to lifting the trophy.


Roma still has a shot at winning the Europa League final, but it needs to knock Feyenoord out of the competition first to reach round 16. If the team manages to do so, there is no question they’ll need to put their blood, sweat, and tears into each game moving forward to prove they’re a match for the likes of Liverpool FC, Bayern Leverkusen, and AC Milan. However, under new leader De Rossi, they might have the strategy and determination to do so. 

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