Marcello Lippi: “The headlines on Zaniolo are meant to fill up the newspapers.”

Marcello Lippi
Andy Mattioli

Former Italy and Juventus head coach Marcello Lippi spoke about Roma, Mourinho and Zaniolo in a recent interview with Il Diabolico e il Divino.

“Mourinho is keeping Roma in a good league ranking position in line with expectations, just behind the favorites.”

“Furthermore, all Italian teams have come out of the European cups except for Roma and therefore he is doing a great job.”

On Zaniolo, Lippi commented, “He’s one of the biggest Italian prospects, without a doubt.”

“It’s normal for such a strong and promising player to be linked with Juventus, but the headlines only serve to fill the pages of newspapers.”

“I don’t have the faintest idea if he’s Juve’s priority.”

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