Ex-Napoli player Giuseppe Bruscolotti: “Let’s hope Mourinho won’t park the bus on Sunday.”

Andy Mattioli

As Roma and Napoli enter the week to prepare for their upcoming league engagement at the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday night, former Napoli player Giuseppe Bruscolotti discussed the crucial showdown in an interview with Radio Punto Nuovo.

“Roma-Napoli will always be a fascinating match, also with regards to the supporters. It’s a shame that what used to be an alliance between the two teams was disrupted by the gesture of an old friend of mine,” Bruscolotti said, referring to Roma and Napoli’s alliance in the 1980s.

“It will also be a great game due to the managers leading the two teams,” he added. “Mourinho has always been good at drawing all the attention to himself, taking pressure off his players.”

“Let’s just hope Mourinho won’t park the bus once again on Sunday.”

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