Ex-Roma boss Zdeněk Zeman chimes in on Cassano-Totti debate

Former Roma manager Zdeněk Zeman was recently interviewed by Rai Radio1 where he shared his thoughts on the heated debate following Cassano’s words on Totti – that he will be forgotten in 20 years – and the situation with Luciano Spalletti.

“Totti will always be remembered as the symbol of Rome. We saw it on Sunday with the people chanting in his name.”

When asked what he thought of Spalletti, Zeman added:

“I would not have made those chants against him, but I do side with Totti with whom I have a much better relationship.”

The former Roma manager concluded by criticizing Antonio Cassano:

“Twenty years from now, Cassano might be remembered in Bari, maybe. He was a good player but not as great as others.”

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