Ex-Roma coach Fabio Capello critical of Mourinho’s locker-room outburst

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma manager Fabio Capello made an appearance on Sky Sport where he was asked to comment on the recent reports of Jose Mourinho’s locker-room talk following the 0-2 loss to Inter in the Coppa Italia as well as the Giallorossi’s recent last minute draw vs Sassuolo.

“That kind of outburst in an offense toward the players, but respect, in those situations, is always needed. Respect must be demanded but also given.”

“The last card was played, effectively offending the players. I’ve never done it, I’ve always placed myself with respect without offending. I have always acted with respect and demanded the same.”

“The first rule I ask is precisely that of respect, towards all the staff. To treat people badly means to be able to offend one of the family. If you offend me as Mourinho did, you also create economic damage to the club and it is a very important aspect.”

“Against Sassuolo, knowing Roma if they had lost 2-1 yesterday, the fans would have gone to Trigoria. When I was there, 3000 people came to Trigoria after conceding 4 goals to Atalanta.”

“Mourinho is used to winning, to being the protagonist and leader, finding himself in this situation and with these difficulties has perhaps destabilized him a bit.”

“Or perhaps it’s a tactic. There are always leaders in teams and this Roma probably lacks dressing room and field leaders. Otherwise, they would have said something in protest to Mourinho. Instead, they are probably good players without that kind of personality or leadership.”

“I think Mourinho has clear ideas about the team he is coaching. He tries to bring a different kind of mentality and work system from what he did previously, because some players are shadows of their former selves, like Veretout and Mkhitaryan.”

“Mourinho has seen that tactically there is no improvement, one cannot find the crux of the matter and come up with something important, he doesn’t like the attitude, so he threw a hand grenade to see what’ll happen.”

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