Ex-Roma president Rosella Sensi criticizes refereeing in Sassuolo loss

Former Roma president Rosella Sensi at Trigoria
Andy Mattioli

Former Roma president Rosella Sensi reacted to the Giallorossi’s defeat with Sassuolo at the Stadio Olimpico earlier today, criticizing the match official’s decisions and empathizing with Jose Mourinho who found himself on the receiving end of a two-match ban.

“You never get used to injustices,” Sensi wrote on Instagram. “After Mourinho’s suspension comes a match full of refereeing decisions going only one way in a key game for the Champions League which the team should have approached better in the first place.”

“On the other hand, the fate of Roma, as my father recalled, is that to win you have to suffer twice as much as the others. Mourinho is also experiencing it on his own skin. And I’m afraid that the handcuffs gesture won’t have the same results as in 2010.”

“I hope that one day Roma will be considered for what they’re worth, just like all the other teams. Also because making mistakes is human, persevering is diabolical. And people have persisted a lot around these parts.”

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26 May 20:45