Ex-SPAL sporting director backs De Rossi’s return to Roma

Andy Mattioli

Former SPAL sporting director Fabio Lupo – with whom De Rossi briefly worked last year during his stint in Ferrara – discussed the 40-year-old’s return to Roma.

In an interview with Cusano Italia TV, Lupo spoke about De Rossi’s coaching abilities despite his limited experience.

“If the club decided to intervene, it certainly did so because it considered the situation with Mourinho to be worn out. I believe that the De Rossi solution is the most logical one at this moment in time. It was necessary to replace not only a coach, but also a man capable of mobilizing the team, the public, and I believe that Daniele De Rossi represents the best solution in this sense.”

“Very strong choices often have reasons behind them that we cannot see. A strong choice that in any case exposes you to evaluations by the fans. If things go well, this will be a very positive experiment. If not, the club could be in trouble.”

“I don’t think De Rossi has any problems managing the team. De Rossi, especially in recent years, has often managed the locker room. He has already done it as a teammate, despite being something a little different, but I can assure you that in terms of charisma, in terms of impact on the players, De Rossi has this same communicative ability.”

“When he interacts with a Dybala or Lukaku, they will know fully well who they are talking to. Regarding the experiential aspect, he will still have to mature, but I am sure that De Rossi has studied and worked hard because he is someone who wants to be his own man. I am convinced that he will find the right solutions also from a technical point of view.”

“He’s not a lazy coach. I think that the experience of Ferrara, in its own small way, taught him a lot and could be something from which to draw reflections to do well.”

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