Fabio Capello: “Matić is an excellent player and one of Mourinho’s priorities.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma manager Fabio Capello was asked to speak in light of the 21st anniversary of Roma’s last scudetto in 2001.

“Winning that scudetto was important because it made you understand that wherever you go, if you want to win you must work differently and understand the environment you’re in,” he told Il Diabolico e il Divino.

“You must adapt your tactics and ideas to the players at your disposal and understand what the team demands of you.”

“If you don’t, and you use the same tactics regardless of the players, you’re destined to fail.”

Capello also commented the signing of Nemanja Matić. “The coach has priorities, he knows the value of the players and knows the difficult campaign that awaits him and based on all this he outlines certain priorities for the club.”

“You say to yourself, ‘I sign a different midfielder and build a solid midfield, then I can win’ and I believe Mourinho sees it this way.”

“Matić is an excellent player, I’ve seen him play many times in England and he’s a player of great depth, he’s a dam in front of the defence.”

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