Fazio: “It won’t be easy against Sampdoria. I think I’ll finish my career at Roma”.

John Solano

Roma defender Federico Fazio was interviewed today by Sky Sport. Here’s what the Argentine defender had to say ahead of this weekend’s match against Sampdoria:

This weekend you’ll face Ranieri.
Ranieri is a good manager with a lot of experience in football. He’s arriving at a club who are going thru a tough period — but given his experience, he can give them the motivation they need. We wish him well and we’ll certainly greet him after the match. But first things first: we want to win. It won’t be easy.

How can Kalinić effect things? How has he looked in training?
It hasn’t been decided yet if Edin will play or not, but Kalinic has been here for two months now. He is a very important player for us. He’s a great replacement for Dzeko.

You are a close friend to Pastore and Perotti. When will we see them at their top?
Diego returned to training last week, little by little he is picking up the pace to get back into the best shape possible. Pastore is always training hard, this is the best shape I’ve seen him in since he arrived.

What changes technically if you have Smalling or Mancini next to you?
Playing right, left, with one player or another makes no difference. Smalling comes from the Premier League, which is different, Mancini is young and still has a lot ahead of him. I get along well with both.

Have you been in touch with De Rossi? Will you also close your career with Boca?
Yes, we talk. He’s doing well there and we hope they win against River Plate. I don’t know if I’ll finish my career there, I think I’ll finish it at Roma.

Can Roma win the Europa League?
It’s a good competition – you can’t underestimate it. There’s already strong teams in it and then you’ll also have teams from the Champions League join. We have to continue calmly and slowly, let’s worry about winning the group first.

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