Florent Ghisolfi to attend his first training session at Trigoria today

Andy Mattioli

Roma’s new technical director, Florent Ghisolfi, has arrived in Italy and is ready to begin his three-year term in the Italian capital.

The executive will work closely with Daniele De Rossi to build a strong squad ahead of next season and help CEO Lina Souloukou make Roma a financially sustainable club in line with the Friedkin’s objectives for the years to come.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, Ghisolfi is expected at Trigoria for the first time today.

Starting today, he will be at the Fulvio Bernardini training centree to meet Daniele De Rossi, meet the team, the management and all the Trigoria staff.

It will be an eventful day marked naturally by the first tour of the sports center, the settlement in his new office and the work in close contact with the CEO Lina Souloukou. Ghisolfi is eager to start planning preparations for next season.

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