Fonseca after Lecce win: “We were in control, but we should have scored more”.

Roma boss Paulo Fonseca was interviewed by DAZN following Roma’s 1-0 victory over Lecce.

Is Roma in the race for fourth place?
It is always important to win these matches, we had a good match, we were always in control and created many scoring opportunities. The guys worked a lot — it was an important victory.

What about the many shots conceded in the first half?
Yes, they created many situations on the counterattack but we know that our style of play involves these types of risks — we weren’t too prepared once we lost the ball. This happens, but we could have scored 5-6 goals.

What about Dzeko’s goal?
We recovered the ball high up the pitch and then there was a good cross to his area where he’s incredibly strong. But we had plenty of more chances to score.

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