Fonseca: “I agree with Totti — Pellegrini has all the qualities to become the captain of Roma”.

John Solano

Roma manager Paulo Fonseca was interviewed by Sky Sport today. Here’s what the Portuguese manager had to say:

How are you handling being at home?
It’s not easy to pass the time, but we have time for just about everything now.

Were you impressed by Totti’s words about you?
Obviously I am very happy with his words, he is a legend and having this recognition for the work we’ve done is important. I am very pleased with his words.

Totti spoke of Lorenzo Pellegrini as being predestined for the captain’s armband. Do you agree?
Honestly, yes. Lorenzo has a strong character to become the captain. At the moment, we have Dzeko, but I think that for the future – Pellegrini has all the qualities to become the captain of Roma, as Totti said.

How do you manage the dialogue with your players from afar?
Right now, we’re always talking to the players. They each have an individual training plan. It is important to check-in on what they are doing: we’re analysing their weight and nutrition. It is also important to know how they’re feeling being at home: many of them are alone right now. It is essential to have this sort of information.

The recovery of Zaniolo?
I spoke to the doctor and the indications are very positive. I think he is recovering very well.

Do you think the European leagues and cup competitions will be completed?

It’s difficult to say, but I think that at the moment the health of people, fans, players, everyone who works in football is the most important thing. We have to better understand when all the conditions are there to recover from this — but again, health is most important.

Are you also willing to resume in the summer to end the season?
Yes, I think that if the conditions are there, it would be important to finish the season.

There is talk of a neutral field for the European competitions: is this a possibility?
Yes, at the moment, all the hypotheses are valid. There are still many matches left to be played between the league and European competitions so we have to look for the best possible solution.

There’s also the discussion of reducing everyone’s wages.
We must be ready to help in this difficult moment. We as Roma – the managers and players – are ready to help. We must be sensitive, it’s also a difficult moment for everyone else.

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