Francesco Totti reaffirms trust in Mourinho’s Roma: “You want to debate Mourinho?”

Roma legend Francesco Totti briefly spoke to reporters at the Notte delle Finali event last night.

The former Captain, when asked whether Mourinho was the right man for the job at the capital club, replied, “You want to debate Mourinho?”

“Every time people give me a standing ovation at the Olimpico… those are unique emotions and it’s something that no one can take away. When you see so many passionate people, it’s always nice.”

On Zaniolo, Totti commented, “Zaniolo must grow, with tranquillity and serenity as I have always said. Then things come by themselves.”

Finally, on Pellegrini he concluded, “I’ve always said he was the captain of the future, so I’m glad he took Roma by the hand and so many people realised what a great lad he is.”

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