Francesco Totti remembers 30th anniversary since Roma debut

Andy Mattioli

Roma legend Francesco Totti penned on Instagram a long letter dedicated to the 30th anniversary since his all time club debut.

“30 years…really? Today is a special day. At 17.43 30 years ago: my debut in Serie A with the Roma shirt,” he wrote. “That shirt that I would never leave again in my life. It seems like yesterday, 28 March 1993, Brescia-Roma: Coach Boskov at the 87th minute turns towards me and says “hey you, warm up.”

“I thought he was talking to Roberto Muzzi who was next to me on the bench. Yes, he really wanted me. It was a lot of emotion for a 16-year-old boy with only one dream in his head. I found myself on the pitch and thus began my long and infinite love affair with Roma.”

“After 30 years the emotion has remained the same, indeed if I think about it I feel that thrill even stronger. Many things have been said over the years, it is too long to list them but I want to say thank you: to the players, coaches, presidents, managers who have transformed those very few minutes played with my favorite team, Roma, into months, years… the best years of my life.”

“Thank you all for these 30 years, they have flown by and I with them. And then thanks to you – the fans. I haven’t forgotten about you. Indeed you are my first and last thought, always. Just today, in front of the affection of so many people, I feel a bit like 30 years ago: happy for so much attention and so much love, as if all this simply wasn’t for me. 30 years… really? Thanks again and forever. Francesco.”

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