Friedkin advisors meet with Roma: the updates

RomaPress – As we told you earlier: Friedkin is ready to arrive.

This evening, various executives of The Friedkin Group, including Brian Walker, Director of Strategy and New Venture, and Brad Beinart, Director of Finance and Asset Management, met with Roma’s lawyers at their Viale Tolstoj headquarters for several hours.

The parties are finalising the documents to close the operation that will put the Giallorossi in the hands of Dan Friedkin and his son, Ryan.

The Friedkin-duo are in fact in Rome and remain at their hotel in this very moment — awaiting the final green light from their legal team to close the deal and takeover Roma, which will fall under the umbrella of The Friedkin Group properties.

There will be more meetings tomorrow with an eye towards the acquisition going through early next week.

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