Friedkin confident they can strike a deal before New Year for acquisition of AS Roma

John Solano

RomaPress – “My guess is we’ll have the final agreement in place before the New Year — on our side, though, we’re confident it gets done”. These are the words of an unnamed legal executive at The Friedkin Group to RomaPress this afternoon when pressed about the situation of the sale of AS Roma. The Houston-based consortium has been engaged in talks with James Pallotta for over a month for the acquisition of the Giallorossi and the parties are nearing a final agreement.

Sources at both Roma and Friedkin believe that they will strike a complete agreement before the New Year — which was the “unofficial” deadline of both parties. The difference between Pallotta’s asking price and Friedkin’s offer is shrinking as both sides continue negotiations on an hourly basis.

Dan Friedkin, the CEO of The Friedkin Group, has remained in Long Beach, California in recent days and is awaiting the final “green light” from his legal team before flying to Rome to complete the takeover. There are only small details missing as Pallotta’s partners continue to push him to sell AS Roma. Updates are could arrive in the coming hours.


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