Friedkin delegation returns to the US

John Solano

RomaPress – The Friedkin Group delegation that arrived last week to hold talks with Roma has returned to the United States. The delegation included several high-profile Friedkin Group executives, including president Marc Watts.

But now, they’ve all returned to America as Watts — who was accompanied by his wife the entire week — departed the Italian capital early yesterday. Talks between Dan Friedkin, who was also in the capital but kept a low profile, and James Pallotta are continuing at a slower pace than expected. But is there reason to worry? None whatsoever.

The sale of the club will go through without any problems, but in an operation of this magnitude, delays are normal. The last financial details have yet to be resolved but it’s nothing to worry about.

As was the case with Pallotta, the operation will be closed in the United States. The exact city has yet to be determined but a Friedkin Group executive informed RomaPress that the deal “likely would close in Houston or Boston” — the respective cities of Pallotta and Friedkin.

Both Dan and Ryan, whose private jet stayed in Milano last week, are no longer in the Italian capital as they patiently await for their legal team to resolve the last details.

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