Friedkin executive: “We’re in standby. Everything changed over the weekend”.

John Solano

RomaPress – Italy is in lockdown and the affects are now being felt on the deal that will see Dan Friedkin acquire AS Roma.

Today, a legal executive of The Friedkin Group spoke exclusively to RomaPress to clarify on where the situation currently stands after the outbreak of the coronavirus has led to an indefinite suspension of the league.

“Everything changed on Saturday and Sunday. Once it became clear that the league could be suspended — both us and Roma agreed to put things in standby,” he said.

“There were no problems on Friday (signatures are there) —  but we decided to pause everything due to the lack of clarity on the remaining part of the Serie A season”.

”This outbreak is likely to lead to a substantial financial impact and losses of revenue. Right now, it’s necessary that us and Roma sit back and wait to see where this situations goes because there is a lot of uncertainty. This is something you can never plan for”.

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