Friedkin irritated following Pallotta’s interview

John Solano

RomaPress – The dance between James Pallotta and The Friedkin Group for the sale of the club continues.

The president of the Giallorossi released an interview moments ago on the club’s official website as RomaPress has learned that some of the content within his interview has annoyed members of the Houston-based consortium.

The Bostonian was asked about negotiations with Friedkin, which began last October, as he stated, “The Friedkin Group approached us last fall and, towards the end of the year, we were beginning to find an agreement. We went into more detail – and the devil is always in the detail – but after changes made by their lawyers and bankers, the offer began to morph into something less and less palatable for both Roma and our investment group”.

He continued, “The last semi-concrete offer we received – some of the details of which seem to have been leaked by either their lawyers or bankers – just wasn’t close to being acceptable”.

The latter portion of his answer has upset some of the upper management at The Friedkin Group, including Dan Friedkin, a source told RomaPress.

From their perspective, The Friedkin Group believes that Pallotta and his investor group are not negotiating in good faith and have failed to factor COVID-19’s devastation on the global economy into their valuation.

Friedkin has not officially pulled-out of negotiations with Pallotta, but their patience is running thin.

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