Friedkin releases statement to CONSOB, deal still set to close on the 17th

John Solano

Dan Friedkin and his group, The Friedkin Group, published a note that was sent to CONSOB, Italy’s stock market regulator.

“At the request of CONSOB, The Friedkin Group Inc. (“TFG”) confirms that, as already indicated in the press release of 7th August last week, the agreed upon acquisition of 86.6% of AS Roma SpA (the “Company”) is equal to a total of 63,414,047 Euro corresponding to a unit price of 0.1165 Euro per share. Therefore, once the purchase agreement has been completed – the closing is scheduled for August 17 – and pursuant to articles 102 and 106, paragraph 1, of the TUF, a takeover bid on the entire share capital of the Company at the price per share of 0.1165 Euro. More details on the takeover bid will be provided in the communication of the bidder, which will be published after closing”.

To make it simple: Friedkin will offer 0.1165 euros per share to buy Roma’s minority investors’ holdings, an amount which is equal to the price agreed-upon last week to buy an 86.6% stake from James Pallotta and his partners, Starwood Capital.

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