Friedkin’s ownership stake in Roma up to 91.7% ahead of Friday’s OPA deadline

John Solano

RomaPress – The results from the “offerta pubblica di acquisto” (public offering) presented to Roma’s minority stakeholders are going to come down to the wire ahead of Friday’s deadline.

Back in May, Roma unveiled the “Assist Roma” campaign—an initiative aimed to land president Dan Friedkin the remaining 13% of the club and to allow the club to “delist” or remove itself from the stock exchange.

To help convince shareholders and expedite the process, Roma offered minority shareholders a series of benefits including the opportunity to sell their stake “​​at the best price, with a premium on all shares sold.”

However, minority shareholders had a limited timeframe to accept this public offering, which began on June 13th but ends later this week on Friday, July 8th. The Friedkin Group must own a minimum of 95% of the club’s overall stake in order to move forward with the delisting.

At the close of trading on July 5th, Friedkin’s ownership stake increased to 91.7% after they acquired an additional 1,179,958 during today’s trading period.

Ahead of Friday’s deadline, it’s still up in the air whether or not Friedkin can acquire the remaining 3.3% necessary to reach 95%.

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