Gianluca Mancini after Roma’s loss to Inter: “It stings, we only have ourselves to blame.”

RomaPress Staff

Roma defender Gianluca Mancini delved into the team’s performance in their 4-2 home loss against Inter, shedding light on the team’s evolution under new coach Daniele De Rossi and the challenges of adapting to a different defensive setup.

The Italian international expressed a mix of disappointment and determination, confessing his side only have themselves to blame for the result against the league leaders.

“We said to each other that it stings because when you lose it’s not a positive thing,” Mancini told DAZN. “Obviously you’re going to be angry afterwards, especially when it’s a loss against Inter.”

Despite the loss, Mancini emphasized that the team played well for much of the game, attributing their setback to a brief lapse in concentration during the second half.

“We had a wonderful first half and we were ahead. However, we’ve only got ourselves to blame for those first 10-15 minutes in the second half when we got caught out.”

Discussing Roma’s shift in playing style under the new coach, Mancini praised the coach’s tactical acumen and the team’s ability to adapt.

“The coach is prepared and has brought his ideas. We’ve done well at understanding them and having the right mentality. It’s up to the players to quickly understand what the coach is asking of you,” he noted.

Reflecting on the team’s resilience, Mancini affirmed Roma’s collective determination to succeed.

“This group is focused on doing well and working hard for the good of Roma. Obviously in games like tonight you want to get the best result possible. We tried tonight and it didn’t go our way.”

“However, we need to stay on this path we’re on and focus on improving every single day.”

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