Gianluca Mancini attends Brighton pre-match press conference

Andy Mattioli

Roma defender and vice-captain Gianluca Mancini attended today’s pre-match press conference on the eve of the Europa League showdown with Brighton.

Mancini spoke alongside coach Daniele De Rossi in today’s media session at Trigoria.

“The sold-out stadium? We always say that the public is always the additional weapon, but we’re the ones who go onto the pitch and we have to drag them along with us. We don’t have to ask them anything. They have to do what they do every Sunday, we are happy with this. We hope to have them sing even more at full-time.”

“My position on the pitch? The fact that I know how to play multiple roles is an advantage for myself and the team. I did it with Fonseca because the entire midfield was missing. To date, there are several of us in midfield, in defense there are many of us, all strong and in my opinion this is the right way and it helps to raise the level of training. Then it’s up to the coach to make his decisions. The important thing is to train hard and play just as hard on Sundays and Thursdays for Roma.”

“De Rossi’s impact? The coach has brought freshness and new ideas with him. We footballers try to understand what he asks of us. So far we’re responding very well to his instructions, even if we haven’t done anything yet.”

“Every coach has their own ideas. One thing he brought is a bit of serenity that we might have lacked, but not because of Mourinho, but because the results were not going well. So he worked on our mentality and morale and when he fixed it, he gave us his ideas and we went from there.”

“The formation? It’s not the four-man defense that led you to win 6/7 games, but it’s a combination of things. Sometimes you don’t dominate and win, sometimes you dominate and take home 0 points. The important thing is that all players pull in the same direction.”

“Groin pain? You know very well the kind of spell I went through three months ago, there were no defenders available and I had to play through it, but I don’t want to come across as a hero. When the coach arrived I was suspended and I had the chance to stay still for 10-12 days and with a course of treatment and gym I got to a point where I no longer feel the pain.”

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