Gianluca Mancini dumbfounded by referee Fabio Maresca in Milan loss

Gianluca Mancini of AS Roma
John Solano

Roma defender Gianluca Mancini shared José Mourinho’s sentiments regarding the nightmare refereeing performance of Fabio Maresca.

The Giallorossi were defeated 2-1 by Milan this evening in the Italian capital. However, the affair was overshadowed by Maresca’s head-scratching decisions, which led directly to both of the Rossoneri’s goals.

The Italian central defender was visibly livid when asked to discuss the controversial decisions that went against his team.

“We share the Mister’s anger with the referee, everyone saw what happened,” he said to DAZN.

“The decision against Ibañez was wrong. Are defenders even allowed to make a tackle? I’m speechless. What about the episode of Kjaer on Pellegrini?”

He continued, “These episodes and decisions make a huge difference in big matches and tonight they all went against us.”

“There was a clear penalty on Pellegrini. I don’t know what to say. Every year we meet with the referees and they say they want to award less penalties, but then they go out and give one like that against us.”

“Referees can make mistakes, they’re human, but now there’s VAR…so I don’t know what to say. If we compare us to the Premier League, the referee would laugh if was asked to give a penalty on that.”

He continued, “I think there were 12 yellow cards handed out between the two sides today. Why is every single foul a booking? I’m angry. I don’t want to disrespect anyone but for me, this is an absolute joke.”

“The contrast between Ibra and Ibañez is a normal one between two beast players. These sorts of things shouldn’t happen when the referee has 4-5 fellow referees in VAR watching from another perspective.”

Finally, “It seems like they’re taking the piss, that’s all.”

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