Gianluca Scamacca hints at desire to return to Roma

Andy Mattioli

Gianluca Scamacca continues being linked with a move to Roma.

The Italian attacker remains the capital club’s priority to replace injured Tammy Abraham.

In recent days, Scamacca released a lengthy interview to Cronache di Spogliatoio where, among other things, he touched upon his desire to return to his boyhood club and his evolution after one year in the Premier League.

“I have always known that I have uncommon talents, as well as that I have traveled a more difficult path than others. Now I was still, in a bed, frustrated. I couldn’t accept the injury: the first injury of my career. A few weeks ago I had to confess it, I think I did it to protect myself: I was silent for months, but during the last season I played most of the time with a compromised meniscus,” said Scamacca who was forced to undergo knee surgery earlier this year.

“I was afraid of not coming back as strong as before. I convinced myself in my head that it was nothing. I trained above the pain, I took medication to kill the pain. Because I felt too much pain when I tried to run and feel that the knee that wasn’t there. Literally. With each change of direction, it was like getting punched hard in the mid-leg. I risked a lot, I couldn’t resist because if you take away my football, you take away everything.”

“I can’t find alibis, because I’ve never looked for them. From the outside people could not know. You say “fuck, this guy only scored 8 goals”, but there are some things that people just can’t see. In the Premier League, where physique is a significant component, if you’re not at 100%, they sweep you away. When I was well, I scored 5 goals in one month. Then the problems started: first the left knee which hurt, then the right. In December it turned out that I had an external meniscus tear that didn’t allow me to perform. I had intrapatellar edema that had arisen from the meniscus: when I had the operation, they removed a small piece of my body. It went well, but it was a slap in the face because it was the first injury of my life. I couldn’t move, I lived on crutches. It seemed to me de anna slow, slower than the others. But those who go slower have a better chance of observing”.

“But you know what? It has helped me a lot. For the first time I had time to be silent. To think. I relived in my head the moments when I had been at my weakest mentally. I would lay down and watch matches where I failed to give 100%. Or I sat and clicked on the videos with all the worst goals I’d missed. When you’re good, you don’t appreciate the bad moments. When you’re sick, yes. I mentally unblocked myself and realized that I wanted to fully experience that period: every day, when I got out of bed with only one leg and couldn’t move without crutches, while everyone went ahead and I remained still, I committed myself to imprinting those sensations inside myself. I tried to turn them into armor. But it’s up to you.”

“I really wanted it to be a shock: something I would never forget, something to remember when everything went well. The pain made me work on my thoughts. You have to take risks, too. Give everything, more than before. Doing repetitive work that some mornings may seem meaningless to you. The security and confidence I place in myself have allowed me to get where I am. Ever since I was a boy, people have been talking about me. But if everyone only spoke well of me, it would be a problem.”

“Know this: I haven’t shown my full potential yet. For two years my Instagram has continued to be studded with posts from the transfer market in which I am tagged. For many, I’m an unfulfilled talent: I know I still have hidden qualities, but I’m 100% sure that whoever takes me gets a bargain. I think I just miss being in the right place at the right time. Where will it be? We will only find out by living.”

“When I made my Serie A debut I thought of the time I left Lazio’s academy and joined Roma. You can’t rule your heart. When I was a ball-boy I would hardly take my eyes off Totti.”

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