Gini Wijnaldum details preparations for Europa League final: “It will be fun.”

Andy Mattioli

Gini Wijnaldum shared his thoughts on the preparations, both collective and individual, for the upcoming Europa League final.

The Dutch midfielder – a veteran with a Champions League title behind his belt – spoke about this with UEFA less than two days before kick-off in Budapest.

“I am a person who does what he thinks is best at the moment so every preparation for the game is different for me. When you’re younger, you don’t have that much pressure on your shoulders. You don’t think much about it and therefore you feel free,” said Wijnaldum.

“On the other hand, when you become more mature, you become more serious in what you do,” Wijnaldum added. “People expect more from you and so the preparation and thoughts are different but I still have what I had when I started, which is a feeling of joy.”

“This time around the feeling is different because it’s a final, and I believe that in your life, if you’re lucky you play a lot of them.”

“I’m happy to enter the field, regardless of whether it’s a final or not. It will be fun, for sure.”

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