GM Tiago Pinto explains Roma’s long-term plans, transfer moves and more

Andy Mattioli

Roma General Manager Tiago Pinto attended the Social Football Summit at the Stadio Olimpico today.

The Portuguese executive sat down to discuss his time at the capital club and Roma’s progress throughout his and Jose Mourinho’s tenure.

“The youth sector is the apple of my eye, that is my sporting strategy. The youth sector is very important, today we have Gombar, Alberto De Rossi, Bruno Conti who manage the area. One of Roma’s great sources is the youth sector, I like it a lot,” said Pinto.

On the importance of data in his job, Pinto commented, “The player’s success or failure depends on many factors. Data gives you many things but you also need your own eye. You will never see me talk about discovered talents like others do. Our job is to find the potential in the work of others. Everyone knew who Endrick or Kvaratskhelia was.”

“However, the work comes together with a combination of factors. Scouting is as essential as data. Taking the potential is 20-30% but bringing it out is another thing. There are players who are considered to be stars in the making but then don’t do well.”

“In Roma’s scouting there are 4 levels to divide the objectives: A who are the champions; AB who could be starters for Roma; B who are useful but not stronger than those in the squad; and C who are not needed by Roma. We have 5 thousand players in our database. I think we can’t take 50% of the A list.”

“In the last 3 years I have had to find the balance between the manager’s requests and the financial capabilities we have. There are things that we managed well like Dybala or Lukaku. The economic parameter is now more important.”

“Time will tell how Roma fared in these last three years with Mourinho and Pinto. That will demonstrate our work in Roma over the last 3 years. We are not the best, but given our financial situation, making €150 million in sales and bringing so many players into the first team like Dybala, Matic, Wijnaldum  is very difficult.”

“Everyone judges as they want but I had a great task: to leave Rome better than I found it. Financially there is no doubt and if we continue like this in two years it will be much better. I think the roster is also better than what I initially found in 2021. I respect everyone’s opinion but there are no doubts about it.”

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