Gonzalo Villar: “It’s a huge shame the season was suspended when it was, I had just played my first game as a starter”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Gonzalo Villar conducted a live Q&A on Instagram with Spanish journalist Ana Quiles Boix. Here’s what the youngster had to say:

What is your favorite place in Rome?
I really like Rome, even my friends had a great time when they came here. I love a pizzeria near the Pantheon and the monument I like most is the Colosseum.

Your favorite Italian dish?
I really like cacio e pepe.

What is Roma’s dressing room like?
We’re all comfortable, it’s a fantastic group.

What do you miss about Spain?
I miss my family and friends from Spain, I have never been two months without seeing them.

Have you met Totti?
Yes, I met him in a restaurant. We took a picture together, it was exciting, almost a shock.

What is your objective?
My goals were to reach the Champions League with Roma and on a personal level – to play in the Olympics. But they’ve been delayed for a year so I’ve got time.

Do you think things will resume?
It a huge shame for me that the season stopped when it did. Just when I had played my first game as a starter. I thought that everything would be canceled given the situation, but I saw that UEFA said that maybe it will be possible to play. I would love to go back to training at Trigoria and playing to let off steam a little, staying home by yourself is not easy.

What have you been doing at home during this period?
I play PlayStation — mostly FIFA and Fortnite, and I‘ve been watching some things on Netflix and also I study, although, being alone is not easy.

A greeting to Roma fans?
Thank you to all the Romanisti for your support, see you soon.

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