Ünder: “I hope to become like Totti.”

John Solano

Roma attacker Cengiz Ünder gave a lengthy interview to TRT Sport. These are his words:

How is the relationship on the pitch with your teammates?
In the second part of the season the dialogue on the pitch improved, I started scoring goals and producing assists. Now we understand each other very well — especially Dzeko, we understand each other very well. Thanks to this, I managed to score 8 goals.

The most difficult moment of your early days in Rome?
Obviously I had difficulty with the language, and this was reflected on the pitch.

A year ago there was talk of a transfer to England, but today you are playing for Roma. How would you describe the club?
As I said before, I made one of the best choices of my career by coming here. Roma is one of the biggest clubs in Italy and in the world. I’m really happy to play here. Every time I go on the pitch and score a goal, I’m still excited when the supporters scream my name. It’s really a pleasure to play and score goals for them. I’m really happy to play in Rome. Di Francesco has a lot of trust in me, he has always helped me. I had difficult moments during tactical training but he fielded me for three matches in a row and I started scoring. After those matches, my self-esteem increased and I scored even more. It is thanks to the Mister and my teammates that I have improved my performances.

You have also been compared to a legend like Totti. Would you like to stay in Rome for that many years? What is your goal for the future?
Before coming to Roma, I watched Totti’s farewell at least 10 times. When I see him in Trigoria I spontaneously smile, I get excited. I want to be like him. I hope I can become a great legend like him.

You said the team supported you a lot. In addition to the manager, who has helped you the most?
I do not think it’s right to name names, but a lot of players have really helped me both in the natch and in training. The nickname “Cengo” made me become one of them. Most of them help me if I do not understand something during our tactical sessions, I thank them very much.

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