How Do Roma Fans Spend Their Time?

The Stadio Olimpico in Rome
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On 27 July 2022, over 10,000 Roma fans came out to show support to their new signing, Paulo Dybala. This massive gesture further cemented their stance as one of the world’s biggest and most entertaining fanbases.

There are several other reasons Roma fans stand out, but that’s not our topic of discussion today because away from the crazy support on matchday and undying loyalty to the club, there’s so much more to a Roma fan. 

Here, we’ll focus on how Roma fans like to spend their time. From traveling and visiting historic locations to playing games at online casinos, they’ll all be discussed here.  Especially slots on sports themes are very popular now. Many casinos are trying to attract more and more athletes by making them part of their games.

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4 Ways Roma Fans Like To Spend Their Time

Obviously, like most football fans, there’s nothing a Roma fan enjoys more than watching the team play live. But when the 90 minutes is over, there are lots of fun activities they enjoy doing too. Here are four ways Roma fans like to spend their time.


Roma fans have a reputation for always bringing the vibe wherever they go, even in the opposition’s stadium. This is mainly due to their love for traveling. 

Every season, excluding European and cup competitions, Roma plays 18 away matches. Fans of the club use the opportunity to travel to different cities and states. But can you blame them? Italy is a really beautiful city with a great culture. They get to both visit wonderful places and still support their team –an absolute win-win!

Sometimes, mainly due European competitions, they get to travel to different countries and even continents. For example, the 2022 UEFA Conference League Final was held in Tirana, Albania, hundreds of miles away from Italy.


Gambling has always been a common pastime in Rome. For several centuries, Romans have seen gambling as a great way to spend their time, so it’s no surprise that Roma football fans follow that tradition.

They love to bet on Roma and other teams because it adds excitement to the game. There’s honestly no better feeling than watching your team score a goal that seals your bet win; it’s like a double blessing.

Also, in addition to betting on sports teams, Roma fans like to wager on their favorite casino games, and most of them love to do it online. They love playing casino games and always go for the best available sites. It’s not uncommon to see a Roma fan searching for the best online casinos that payout fast or reading Canadian online casino reviews. Some of their favorite games include Slots, Blackjack, and Poker.

Follow the Roma Community Online

Roma has one of the biggest online fanbases in the world. Their massive digital growth in the past years has been a subject of multiple researches, with many applauding the team’s ability to build such a digital-strong fanbase.  

One thing Roma fans love to do aside from reading Canadian online casino reviews and playing casino games is to connect and interact with other Roma fans online.

Twitter is one of the best places to do this. There, they communicate with fellow fans, defend their club in banter against rivals, predict scores, and talk about the current players in the team and the ones they’d like the club to sign.

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Playing Video Games

Whether they’re using Roma team to play against friends in FIFA or managing the team on Football Manager, there’s no denying that Roma fans like to play video games. Football Manager involves Roma football fans spending club money on recruiting the players they’ve always wanted. The game gives them virtual control over the club. Some other games they enjoy include Fortnite, Minecraft, and MotoGP.

Also, Roma fans like to play Fantasy Football, where they customize their starting XI every week, only starting players they believe will perform in that gameweek. 

Since there are 20 teams in the league, bringing together the best group of players usually takes a while. But it’s entertaining and a great way to compete with fellow fans and even rivals.

The Bottom Line

Like most football fans, Roma fans enjoy watching their team play live. But as you’d expect, that’s not the only thing they do all week. 

Firstly, they love to travel to different cities and countries, mostly in support of Roma. They also like to bet on sports teams and play their favorite games in the best online casinos that payout fast. Furthermore, they enjoy spending time online interacting with fellow fans and rivals. Lastly, Roma fans like to play video games like FIFA and Football Manager; they also enjoy playing fantasy football.

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