How Football Clubs Like Roma and Gambling Companies Go Hand in Hand

ROME, ITALY - JANUARY 04: A general view of the Stadio Olimpico before the Serie A match between AS Roma and Bologna FC at Stadio Olimpico on January 4, 2023 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)
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Numerous virtual casinos have formed lucrative alliances with famous clubs in recent years and have set their sights on professional football. Casinos have sponsored football kits, improved stadiums, and sometimes even paid the travel expenses of the club’s away games, depending on the arrangement.

Many different organizations sponsor sports teams, including financial companies, banks, and airlines. Casinos, however, are the most interested in sponsoring sports today since they reap enormous benefits. 

When done right, sports team sponsorship can make a casino brand more recognizable overseas and change the fortunes of the brand. Watching their favorite matches can easily motivate people to try sports betting at a casino that offers it during the match. In this article, we will take a look at Roma’s recent partnership as well as how casinos benefit from these partnerships.

AS Roma Sponsorship

AS Roma recently announced their new partnership with StarCasin√≤ Sport and both the club and its fans have a lot to gain from this. With this new partnership, Roma fans will have access to the latest team news as well as exclusive content dedicated to them – such as the ‘Roman Experiences’ video announcing the partnership.

An ambitious new football environment has been created under the new ownership, laying the foundations for global success in the future. But what benefits do online casinos gain from sponsoring football teams? Why has football become a preferred sponsorship proposition for online casinos?

Attracting Bonuses

Nowadays, many online casinos also offer sportsbooks, where you can bet on prime sporting events such as football games. Casinos that sponsor football clubs can take advantage of this alliance by providing players with an array of appealing promotions they will enjoy and claim more often.

In addition to providing extra thrills and excitement to the match, this can also enhance the casino’s revenue. Players can benefit from a variety of bonuses including free spins, welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and more. Bonuses and promotions have proven to be a great way to get a feel of the casino without wagering money.

Publicity At Its Best

Casinos sponsoring football clubs are often motivated by the publicity and brand recognition they will gain, particularly if the stadium is rebranded and the casino’s name and logo are displayed on the kits.

Fans of football teams are always loyal – and the more well-known the team, the more people will pay attention to the casino’s name and watch their matches. In turn, this could boost the casino’s brand awareness, possibly resulting in more customers. In contrast to expensive television advertisements and billboards, this organic rise in traffic generated by sponsorship can be a much more effective promotional tool.

A few years into the sponsorship deal, the casino’s name could even become synonymous with the team in fans’ minds, ensuring long-term loyalty.

Reputation is Important

By sponsoring football teams, online casinos are also perceived as trusted and legitimate gambling sites by the fans of the team. Consequently, this will help boost their reputation, especially if they’re relatively new.

The prevalence of scam casinos online can sometimes make it hard for players to trust an operator, which could prevent them from joining. A partnership between their favorite football team and an online casino is more likely to reassure them since a shady operator is highly unlikely to sponsor a football team. If fans wish to gamble online, they can find a reputable casino using this information, which can be beneficial to both them and the casino.

There are many reasons behind the increase in casino sponsorships of football teams, and with so much at stake, there are bound to be more in the near future.

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