How Jose Mourinho Has Transformed Roma

RomaPress Staff

There is no question Roma fans supported the appointment of Jose Mourinho during the Summer of 2021. After all, he is regarded as one of the best football managers in the world, as he has created a winning culture at some of the biggest and best clubs on the planet, such as Real Madrid, Porto, and Chelsea. The Special One has certainly lived up to his reputation during his short time at the club. Continue reading to learn how Jose Mourinho has transformed Roma. 

Training Ground Improvements 

At the beginning of 2021, no one would blame you for thinking Roma didn’t stand a chance of lifting a trophy within the next three years. It doesn’t matter if you prefer moneyline vs spread when betting on football, you’d likely have walked away with a large lump sum if you bet Mourinho would win a trophy during his first season at the club. 

Yet, the legendary football manager started to set the club up for success as soon as he arrived. Eager to return to his winning streak at Roma, Jose Mourinho requested the club makes major improvements to its training ground as part of his deal. Within a month of Mourinho’s appointment, a new Tactic Interactive LED (TILD) screen was installed to help improve the team.  

The state-of-the-art TILD system uses drones to film training sessions, and the footage appears on a giant screen built into the pitch. After training, Roma’s players can review their performance and positioning while the session remains fresh in their minds. 

It is clear Roma didn’t want to make the mistakes the talented manager’s former club, Spurs, made during his appointment. For instance, Mourinho reportedly asked for changes to the club’s training ground, but his request was denied. However, if Roma wants to hold onto the Portuguese manager for the long term, they may need to make more investments to help him achieve his vision for the team. 

The Europa Conference League Trophy 

Mourinho has certainly lived up to his reputation. After one full season at Roma, the manager guided the team to victory, as the club finally lifted the Europa Conference League Trophy on 25th May 2022. It was Roma’s first major European title win for more than 60 years, and it is unlikely fans will ever forget the sheer elation they felt when the whistle blew. The 1-0 win scored by Nicolo Zaniolo cemented Mourinho’s reputation as one of the best modern football managers, and the triumph was equal to his Champions League titles at Porto way back in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010. The Europa Conference League win wasn’t only a victory for the club, as Mourinho became the first manager in history to win all three major European competitions. 

Yet, it may come as a surprise that Jose Mourinho never planned to win a trophy during his first season at Roma. It was an achievement that naturally happened for the club through sheer passion, hard work, and skill. According to Joe Cole, who once played for the Special One at Chelsea, “Mourinho said it wasn’t part of the plan. The plan was to build this time. It was the start of a project.” 

Mourinho has even stated that winning was never on the cards for him during his first season at Roma. He stated, “It is one thing to win when everyone expects it, when you made the investments to win. It’s quite another to win when something feels immortal. That feels truly special.” 

A New Identity 

Most Roma fans will be the first to say that Mourinho has helped unite Roma by instilling almost a spirit of togetherness among the players and staff. After many managers throughout the years, Roma seemingly lost its way, but Mourinho has created a brand-new identity for the club. From strengthening dynamics to supporting up-and-coming talent, the club has a different energy and a bigger purpose of winning more titles for fans. With rumors circulating that Mourinho may soon move on from Roma when his contract ends in June 2024 or earlier, there is no question his short stint has made a long-lasting impact on the club.

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