How Much Money Do Top Roma Players Make From Sponsorships?

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When we flick through a list of the top betting sites, we often see big-name sports stars appearing. These stars often implore us, through sponsorship agreements, to use promotions and to sign up with betting sites.

Sports representatives are common in the betting and casino gaming world, after all—and this includes sports stars past and present from big-name sports clubs like AS Roma. The Giallorossi are one of the most popular clubs in Italian football, boasting massive support across the world. One of the biggest reasons ASR is so popular, though, is the players—many legends have worn the famous Roman red.

Playing for such a large club with such a fanbase opens the opportunity for lucrative sponsorship deals. While most players keep their earnings private for several reasons, including privacy and protection, we do know that some of Roma’s top players, past and present, have worked with some big-name brands. How much money do top Roma players make from sponsorships? Let’s try to find out!

The Top Roma Players With Sponsorships

Roma as a club is a highly successful institute when it comes to branding and marketing. For example, they have agreements with big-name groups such as Fendi, Toyota, and 678.Com, and they also have a long-term kit partnership with Adidas. The club’s most recent shirt sponsor came from the Riyadh Season event in Saudi Arabia, too, bringing in lucrative income by promoting the Middle Eastern nation.

Sponsorship agreements are estimated to be worth at least $15m per season to the club, though, as noted by SportCal, these agreements might be even higher across the duration of the deals signed. What about the players, though? Roma do well for themselves as a club, but what about the stars on the pitch?

Tammy Abraham

The English striker might have been regularly injured for the last 18 months, but his first season in Rome made him a club icon. Abraham was essential in the club ending their prolonged trophy drought, scoring aplenty as Roma went to the Europa Conference League and beat Feyenoord in the final, 1-0.

Abraham, a big-name striker back in England and now one of the faces of Roma, has several big-name partnerships. One of his most prominent sponsorships is with Optimum Nutrition. His deal with ON is one of many that the brand has with big-name UK sports stars, including English female footballer Lauren James and English rugby star Marcus Smith.

Abraham also has some interesting partnerships with clothing and fashion labels, including Louis Vuitton. He also collaborates with MJ Jones, a popular British jewellery company. Most of the sponsorship partnerships we have seen Abraham engage with are fashion-based or fitness-based.

However, like most big-name players, Abraham has kept his earnings private—there is no real information about his sponsorship income. Given the number of brands that he works with and the respectability of these brands, one would assume that Abraham is well remunerated for his time.

Paulo Dybala

As the heir to Francesco Totti as the lead star of AS Roma, Paulo Dybala has been the club’s most high-profile signing since Gabriel Batistuta. Though his injury issues dampen the hype around Dybala from time to time, there is no doubt that he has been one of the best players in Italian football over the last decade. That level of success, and his prominence at both Juventus and Roma, brings sponsorships.

Dybala, though, has often made agreements in rather interesting places. In 2022, he signed an agreement with MonkeyLeague, a popular Web3 eSports gaming platform, as a brand ambassador. Dybala is known to be a keen gamer and has a love of competitive eSports, so a partnership makes a lot of sense.

La Joya has also had an agreement with Adidas in the past, so much so that at one stage, it was suspected that Roma’s new partnership with the manufacturer would be built around him and now-departed manager Jose Mourinho. Other fashion-based brands include previous partnerships and promotions with Monster Headphones and Rolex watches.

Dybala also previously held a brand ambassador role with Skrill, one of the leading digital payment brands in the world. Most of his partnerships centre around digital products and the fashion world and Skrill is regarded as a world leader in digital payments. So, his agreement with them is likely to be very lucrative.

Like Abraham, there is precious little information about Dybala’s income from sponsorships. Most athletes refuse to disclose how much money they bring in from sponsorships, but in terms of sponsorship numbers, we would believe that Dybala is the most well-renumerated of the squad. His high-profile name in Italian football especially ensures that he is often front and centre of Roma’s promotions.

Francesco Totti

Though he is no longer a player, arguably, nobody is more visible in the minds of Roma fans than Francesco Totti. The club’s record appearance holder, goal scorer, and derby scorer, Totti is the greatest Roma player of all time—even the current club manager, Daniele de Rossi, cannot hold a candle to what Totti means to the Giallorossi fans.

Most of Totti’s post-retirement sponsorships and agreements seem to be within the betting industry. For example, he agreed on a partnership with the Swedish casino operator Betsson and has also been a brand ambassador for Mostbet. Due to the rules around gambling, most players try to stay away from brand ambassador roles with betting companies until retirement; many, like Totti, then find lucrative agreements around that front.

Again, Totti has never been one to disclose his agreement with these companies. Given they have sought him out, though, one would assume that Totti is well-paid for his brand ambassadorship.

Roma are an extremely popular football club, and their players are well-known for their connection to the club. This has led to many big sponsorship deals like those above. In terms of sponsorship popularity and visibility, though, Paulo Dybala likely stands as Roma’s more recognisable talent at this moment in time.

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