How Roma Can Support Gamblers and Their Fans?

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AS Roma is a professional football team based in Rome, Italy. Roma has always competed in Italy’s top division, with the exception of the 1951–52 season. According to a study done by the Doxa Institute-L’Espresso in April 2006, with the strength of 7% of Italian football fans supporting the club, it comes fifth in the list of preferences. There are several ways Roma can support their fanbase.

By Encouraging Bookie Punters to Get GamStop Self-Exclusion when Necessary

Football is regarded as one of the most favourite sports in the United Kingdom, with a fan base that includes almost the whole country. As a result, football’s popularity may have a remarkable impact on GamStop’s goals and objectives. This will help punters to be more aware of non-GamStop bookies highlighted by Casinogap and how to deal with them. The two parties stand from a mutually advantageous standpoint. 

Football clubs are the most sought-after deals for GamStop as compared to any other sport, Football gets the reach that it requires. GamStop is promoted by football clubs on match days, as well as through their different social media accounts and on their jerseys and websites. This boosts the reach and, as a result, raises public awareness. This proved to be a great way of informing people about the features GamStop offers and how efficient it is at getting people To detect and terminate addictive tendencies leading them to lose their assets to gambling addiction.

By Joining Hands with GamStop 

GamStop is a public service that is provided for free to the citizens of the UK for their best self-exclusion. It is restricted to UK punters because recent studies have revealed that more than 2 million people in the UK are at threat of losing their assets due to gambling addiction. Therefore, Roma and GamStop partnership may be a great step toward responsible gambling. 

GamStop assists problematic gamblers by preventing their admission into online casinos after registration. However, one of GamStop’s restrictions is that it can only control sites that are approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission otherwise it is beyond its control to restrict the process. 

By Preaching the Words Of Safe Gambling

Apart from that, Roma can also directly dive into supporting the idea of responsible gambling practices and upholding the policies of safe gambling by preaching the words. Some of those regulations are mentioned below:

  1. Underage gambling is strictly prohibited, which means that anybody under the age of 18 is prohibited from joining the venues and indulging in betting operations both online and offline. Even sports betting is prohibited under the law for people under 18.
  2. The offering of aid to gamblers who are in crisis. There are free services available to assist vulnerable gamblers.
  3. Status about a gambler’s financial details, as well as other data, are kept strictly private and often subjected to advanced SSL technology. Rigorous encryption policies are required in order to be recognized. These safety procedures are lawfully enforced on both punters and operators in order to maintain a secure operating environment.
  4. All transactions are subject to stringent security measures in order to avoid any malicious practices, which is all too frequent given the increasing prevalence and growth of the gaming business in the United Kingdom. Payment getaways that apply to these operational sites are first verified to be trustworthy.
  5. The UK government takes responsible advertisement policies very seriously, and their policies are included in the list of countries with the most responsible gambling policies. It is to ensure that the operators do not target players who are vulnerable to risky gambling activities.

Other Football Clubs to Support the Cause of Responsible Gambling

After the revision of a new set of laws by the UKGC and its declaration in March 2020, Middlesbrough and Luton Town FC were soon to join hands with the cause. Crystal Palace FC publicly partnered up with Gamstop to stand by the same. Of course, there may be some drawbacks of supporting GamStop for Roma and other football clubs. Some choose to turn down sponsorship offers by gambling companies even though the deals are high in monetary value.  These are major backups for maintaining the team which funds some unavoidable expenses for them.


These were the ways Roma can effectively encourage fans to have a healthy gambling habit. Gambling is a fun way to enjoy any game but too much of it can be detrimental. Play football clubs are often known to support these noble causes in order to give back to their fans by standing by them and helping them on the correct path. 

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