Ibañez: “I came to Roma to stay here — I want to earn my place”.

Roma defender Roger Ibanez participated in a Facebook Live chat with Esporte Interativo and discussed his January arrival at Roma and his first few months at the club.

What was the beginning of your adventure in Rome like?
It’s a huge club, they welcomed me here fantastically. My teammates have been very kind to me — there’s nothing better for someone when they join a new team.

Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera

In Italy, there’s more of an emphasis on tactics.
Yes, defensively it is completely different here. There’s a coach for each department on the pitch and they go through their particular set of drills.

What are your plans for the future?
I came to Roma to stay there, and to be part of the history of this club and try to earn my place and feature many times. I am sure that I will improve.

The biggest difficulties in Italy?
At the beginning, it was the language, but it other than that, everything was calm.

Do you have a player you are inspired by?
Yes, Thiago Silva. He’s an example for me to follow and I will always try to improve to reach his level.

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