Italian media reveal exchange between Mourinho and Serie A official

Andy Mattioli

Today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport revealed parts of the exchange between Jose Mourinho and Serie A official Marco Serra – who acted as fourth official during Cremonese-Roma on Tuesday night – which cost the Portuguese technician a two-match suspension and a fine.

According to the Italian newspaper, Serra taunted Mourinho during the game on Tuesday, repeatedly indicating to the Special One to remain quiet: “Go home, everyone’s taking the piss out of you.”

To which Mourinho responded, “Watch yourself, you better watch yourself.”

Upon getting a red card from match official Piccinini, Mourinholeft the touchline screaming, “You should be sending him off, not me!”

At full-time, Mourinho entered the referee’s dressing room to confront Serra. “If you’ve got balls, if you are a man, repeat what you told me on the pitch, then you have to apologize and we can leave it at that.”

To which Serra replied, “Apologize for what? I don’t have to apologize to anybody. I didn’t say anything.”

The Italian newspaper reports that this was the instance Mourinho lost his wits and began shouting in the referee’s dressing room. “Liar! You’re a piece of sh*t! You should be ashamed of yourself. I try not to think that you’re from Turin and you don’t want me on the bench on Sunday night…” he said, referring to the upcoming league match with Juventus on Sunday.

Serra reportedly replied in a sarcastic tone, “There it is. That’s what I expected to hear from you. I knew you’d come up with this story.”

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