Italian PM Giuseppe Conte: “On 4 May, we’ll slowly start back up again. Social distancing remains in effect”.

John Solano

Italy PM Giuseppe Conte held a press conference this evening on television to give the latest updates and measures taken by the country to slowly, gradually return to normal life following the Coronavirus pandemic.

”Now we begin the phase of coexistence with the virus. The ‘curve’ could go back up, the risk is there — but we must face this methodically and with rigor”, he stated.

”Social distancing will still be in effect: if you love Italy, you must avoid from spreading this virus. If we don’t respect the social distancing requirement, then deaths will increase and there will be irreversible damage to the economy”.

“I know that many would like to decrease the restrictions, but now there is no need for anger. Let’s think about what each of us can do — everything depends on all of us. In the next few weeks, we have to lay the groundwork to start back up again, we have to roll up our sleeves”.

“This new phase starts on 4 May. I have to thank our teams of experts and scientists. We will live with the virus and should take all precautions”.

”Group activities for sport can begin on 18 May”.

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