Italy’s Minister of Sport: “I think we’ll have a surprise: most clubs could ask to end the season here”.

John Solano

Italian Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, appeared on La7 and discussed what the next few months could look like in regards to football in the country.

The player’s association called the latest decree illogical. What will happen to the league?
To date, there is contact between the scientific committee and the FIGC. The committee felt that the protocol presented was insufficient and that further study was needed — today there will be a series of hearings so we’ll see. However, I have always said that resuming training does not mean resuming play. I see many complaining about uncertainty — if you don’t want uncertainty, then you can follow what France or Holland has done.

So you don’t think the season will resume?
For me, I see the path of restarting getting narrower.

Lotito also had an issue with the decree: he said Dzeko and Immobile can go run at Villa Borghese park because the training centers would still be closed for two weeks while parks remained opened.
I believe and hope there was a bit of irony in what he said. We cannot reopen sport for everyone — football isn’t the only sport. The scientific committee gave specific criteria: we started with individual sports because we’re talking about fewer people: we did not extend the reopening to team sports because the protocol was not considered sufficient. I think we’ll have a surprise in the next few days: the majority of Serie A presidents could ask us to end the season here and restart with next season.

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