Jose Mourinho cautious ahead of Roma’s season finale

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho urged for his side to remain cautious as they approach the final three games of the season.

In today’s press conference appearance during Roma’s media day, the Giallorossi head coach spoke about the difficulty in rotating the squad ahead of the crucial Europa League final.

“I have to leave out players who have small physical problems and can’t take risks at the moment,” he told reporters at Trigoria.

“This is the difficult part, going with a team of ‘children’ against a side like Fiorentina is an exaggerated risk and it is not even positive to put these children in this situation.”

“The ideal situation would be not to play it and start preparing for the final today.”

“What I can say is that we want to play this final. We will be motivated and focused.”

“My future? My only focus is the final and a little bit the preparation of the match with Fiorentina, nothing more.”

“I’m not afraid of my future. There is no reason for pessimism or optimism; we want to play this final so much. We have done so much to be there and we want to play it.”

“It will be very easy to prepare it because, I repeat, we want to play. We don’t think about ‘if we win we go to the Champions League’. I don’t want to know anything about the Champions League or the ranking. We want to play the final.”

“We’ve lost players, made others play in positions that were not theirs, Bove played two semifinal games. It’s been an incredible effort.”

“People are not stupid, they understand that I give everything for this club, it is not a matter of winning titles or not, but the fans realise that I fight for them every day.”

“When the day comes that I will leave, it will not be easy because we will have built an ever-lasting bond with the fans.”

“Dybala? I honestly don’t think he will be able to play in Budapest, but I also hope he can be on the bench for us.”

“This will certainly not be the strongest squad in terms of quality that I have ever coach, but over the years you understand that the human factor is the most important thing and this team is in the top in my career.”

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