Jose Mourinho previews tomorrow’s league affair with Udinese

Andy Mattioli

Roma manager Jose Mourinho attended today’s presser to discuss tomorrow night’s Serie A engagement with Udinese.

“Camara doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs,” Mourinho told reports with regards to Roma’s latest signing – Mady Camara. “He can’t start the game yet.”

“He doesn’t have the physical condition and tactical knowledge to play a full game yet. He’s shown his qualities in training, which was a surprise to some who weren’t aware of him.”

“For the moment he will go to the bench, if necessary he will enter the pitch but not for a long time. The match against Udinese will be difficult, one of the most difficult ones this year.”

“They know how to play, compete, they are smart, intelligent. They know how to manage the game and the timing as they want, they play with intelligence. It’s a team that I like and respect.”

Mourinho promptly dismissed questions about Financial Fair Play: “I don’t want to waste my time with it. I coach players, and I do it with pleasure. I enjoy working with this condition. In the end, however, it is hard, with a few million more euros Roma could really dream big.”

“For us it is more difficult than for other teams. What Pinto did is brilliant, but it’s tough. I would like to have Veretout and a fifth central defender. I would have liked for Felix to stay even though he is young and we have signed Belotti in his place.”

“It’s too early to look at the standings right now,” continued the Special One. “The important thing is the points. I don’t look at the standings. I never like a draw, but the one with Juve given the way we played is good. Let’s see if we can collect some points tomorrow.”

“We always try to win game after game. We can’t look at the name of our opponents or whether we are playing at home or away. We don’t have enough men to completely rest after each game. Some teams do, we don’t. Except for goal-keeper and wingers, we are running short.”

“Yesterday, General Manager Tiago Pinto held a brilliant press conference. But during the presser, he said that if needed, Cristante can play as a defender. To which I reply, then who plays in the midfield?”

“For me, I still consider the job done by Pinto and the club excellent and I pay my compliments to them. I still hold a bit of hope that they can do one last push to help me.”

“Both Celik and Karsdorp are excellent and it’s great to have them in our team. Spinazzola and Zalewski, too.”

“We can always switch to a back four, it’s a solution. We have to watch out because Udinese are strong physically and good on the counter. It’s going to be difficult,” he reiterated.