José Mourinho discusses Roma’s transfer window in first season press conference

Andy Mattioli

Roma boss José Mourinho addressed the media in his first press conference since the start of the summer. The Special One previewed Sunday’s clash with Salernitana and discussed Roma’s ongoing transfer window.

First, the Portuguese technician was asked about Carlo Ancelotti’s words of praise in his and Roma’s regards. “He knows everything about football, about this profession. He knows a lot about this club, about this city. Obviously he knows everything about Serie A and his words are always to be respected. Then you can agree with him, or you don’t, but Carlo is Carlo.”

When asked about the new signings, Mourinho replied, “The market is not yet closed unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because I don’t like it at all.”

“The season starts, 3-4 games are played before the window officially closes and obviously that’s something we don’t like as a club. Making an assessment is now premature. It is better to wait and see.”

“We got 5 players for a total of €7 million and these players with this much quality for €7 million means we did very well.”

“Evaluating now when the market is still open is premature. I want to wait. When you use the word frustration you go way overboard. I signed four players and an excellent young goalkeeper. Frustration is too big of a word. I am very satisfied because these are all players that I like very much. I’ve approved of every single one of them.”

“I would like to applaud the club for what they have done so far on the market. I still need something more in order to have more balance, be more secure, but I can’t not applaud what the club have done so far.”

On entering his second season with the club, Mourinho commented, “Usually entering season two means having more time for proper team work and greater awareness as to who we are and the players we have.”

“When you change countries, as I have often done, you understand football culture much better, and the philosophies of the other teams.”

“I would say that it is a general rule for all coaches that conditions are better in their second season. In Europe to do better we need to win the Europa League and there are teams that have unparalleled economic potential.”

“We will do the best we can. We finished sixth in the league last season, but the squad has improved. The others have also improved and that is why during this period I am amazed at how some people talk about us differently compared to the way they talk about other teams.”

“For example, the Scudetto. Milan and Inter finished 25 and 23 points ahead of us last season. Have they improved their team and why are we labelled as candidates for the title?”

“There is a lot of noise around us because we had an interesting match against Tottenham, and a nice one against Shakhtar. Nobody talks about other teams. Lazio spent €39 million, are they candidates for the Scudetto?”

“Talking about us and the Scudetto seems to me like trying to sell a product. For us, the Scudetto is the love of our fans, the sold-out stadium and the bond that we have built together. That is what we won already.”

“The time that is very important is 13 months. Someone like Ancelotti understands this and he doesn’t sell smoke. Ancelotti trains the biggest club in the world and wins. There are many people who sell stories and who do not sell the truth. The truth is that we have improved the squad, but we want to do better.”

On whether he plans on deploying a four-man backline from time to time throughout the new season: “The four-man defense is something that must be worked on. What we did in the second half of last season was to work on the three-man defense that best suits the players at my disposal.”

“Our central defenders feel better this way, our fullbacks are better at three at the back. This year other players have arrived, of course we have the opportunity to play with four at the back but we have to work on it.”

“I don’t want to hide the fact that we have some limits, but we also have great potential. I hope we can become a team with two dimensions: one being a team that knows how to manage pressure and not suffer and lose the way we did with Juventus last season. The second being a team that is strong and dominates, taking charge of the game as soon as possible.”

Finally, on facing Salernitana, Mourinho said, “I want to congratulate their manager, Davide Nicola, who must win Coach of the Year. He did an incredible job in the second half of last season.”

“As always, I expect a match with many hard emotional aspects, and difficult episodes. It will be difficult. They spent about €40 million on the market, they got better.”

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