Jose Mourinho reacts to Roma’s 1-0 victory with Torino

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho analyzed Roma’s 1-0 away win over Torino in this evening’s Serie A match-up in Turin.

The Portuguese technician applauded his side’s effort to bring the three points home and shared an update on Ola Solbakken’s status.

“Matches are won when you score one more goal than your opponents,” Mourinho said of the narrow victory. “Whoever scores wins the game. This is the goal of football.”

“Winning is the best that can be done at this point in the season, with quality and also with the problems we try to hide. Are you sure Juve don’t have 59 points? In that case we would be fourth.”

“We are our own worst opponent,” Mourinho continued. “We want to think like a great team and a great team doesn’t neglect any competition, doesn’t lose a match in order to win the next. We have a squad with limits, we are in the quarterfinals of a European competition that feels like the Champions League this year.”

“We have three games a week again and it’s tough for us, but we go game by game. We lost in the Coppa Italia, but not because we neglected the competition. It will be the same in the Europa League.”

“For a while today I felt that we needed players who are good one-on-one and the two fastest players we have are Solbakken and El Shaarawy. We lacked a bit of personality because we lacked people like Matic, Pellegrini, Ibanez.”

“But I thought this was the right strategy and I think we should have scored a second goal. It would have been a completely different match.”

“As I said, we have our limits: we lost Karsdorp earlier last month and now Solbakken could be out for the rest of the season.”

“Belotti? I explained to him why he wouldn’t play today and he gave me the classic Belotti answer: the important thing is for Roma to win.”

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