Jose Mourinho urges Roma players to use Napoli loss as motivation

Andy Mattioli

Jose Mourinho professed himself satisfied with the team’s level of effort in last night’s defeat at the Maradona stadium. The Portuguese technician repeatedly complimented his men on going toe to toe with the best team in the league – Napoli – despite not having the depth he’d wished for.

During his post-match press conference, Mourinho addressed Roma’s chances of finishing among the Top 4.

“When you play three games a week it becomes a race of who’s got the greatest depth, not the greatest team. When we have the time and condition to prepare for one game per week, it’s very difficult for us not to come out of that game as winners.”

“When we work on the defensive and offensive phase with fresh, rested players at our disposal, it’s very difficult for us not to win.”

“When you play three times a week, the favorite teams are the ones with the most manpower. We grow as a team and we help younger players grow, those who weren’t options before, guys like Bove and Volpato, who over time have become part of the squad.”

“After the match I told the players to use this performance as fuel for what’s to come, to look at the standings and the calendar ahead of us. We played away to Juventus, Milan and now they will have to play in our home. Today, despite the sadness of an undeserved result, I am proud of my men.”

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