Karsdorp disappointed with team performance

Rick Karsdorp was quite disappointed with the way the match unfolded last night. The Dutchman spoke to the club’s official channels following Roma’s 2-2 draw to Bodo at the Olimpico.

“We knew before that it was going to be tough. And it was. We went down twice and tied twice. We were unlucky not to score the third.”

“We also have to look at how they scored their goals: two shots, two goals. We had about twenty chances and came away empty-handed. Tough night.”

“I’m not the type to talk about referees. Someone else can do it. We have to win, even if the referee makes a mistake. In the last few games the referee has certainly not helped us, but in the future we may have better luck.”

“I don’t want to talk about the referee, we have to win these games and this time we didn’t.”

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Serie A 2022-23
01-10-2022 16:00